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domingo, 7 de março de 2010

Positive Reinforcement (this is for you Andrew)

As a teacher, I learned that Positive Reinforcemente is the key for success.
If a medium student correctly answered a question, I praised him. Then he is motivated to learn and become a better one.
The same happens in a couple relationship.
When she agrees with his attitude, should compliment and enhance, and vice versa.
This strengthens the couple.
That's it...

2 comentários:

  1. Thank you for your kind and positive words. Praise is something everybody should use and learn the true meaning of. Motivation is a very important skill in my job and must be used regulary with the help of praise. In a relationship where the couple are extremley happy and comfotable with each other, praise happens naturally. Woo hoo!!!!!!!!! Cheers and all the best to you and the family, Andrew.

  2. É isso aí Pedrão!(rsrsrs)
    I want you and Vanvan to be very, very happy!