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quarta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2011

7 Billion People | 7 Billion Actions

7 Billion Stories

Everyone has an opportunity and a responsibility to make a world of 7 billion a better place for all of us. We are collecting stories of individuals making a difference in their communities – and globally. Stories that can inspire others to take action. To date, 243 people have shared their stories.

Jade Goh:

I am One Mustard Seed of…

I want to be like the small mustard seed of faith in the bib…

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Sifat Shams:

I am one of 163 million i…

Living in one of the world's most densely populated cities,…

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Sandino Miguel Grisales Cerón:

I am a friend of the heal…

I was born in Colombia. I am a pediatrician and I see every…

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Elena :

I am somebody who changed… change other people's lives.

I used to work in a…

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Deasione Reid:


I'm currently completing my course in Hospitaly Industry/hou…

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Jos Aalders:

I am Childrenactivist

As long as there is a big difference to poor and rich.

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Al3xandra Granruth:

I am an imaginist

The exploration of imagination in children is fading, now re…

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Elmer De Chavez:

I am Simply down to earth

I'm living a simple life in a single routine each day. I wak…

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